A pioneer in the quality control initiatives for SARS-CoV2, Controllab – the country’s largest proficiency provider, launched in February the Proficiency Testing for Research on Neutralizing Antibodies: Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). Interested parties will receive the pilot round at no cost.

The news of the beginning of the vaccination to face Covid-19 was celebrated worldwide. However, production and logistics restrictions are some of the challenges for the population to be widely vaccinated.

Amid the uncertainties in the speed of access to vaccine, the knowledge about the period they generate immunity to the disease and the wide dissemination of studies on Covid Immunity not to be lasting, the demand for the Neutralizing Antibody Research for Covid-19 is growing.

To help the laboratories that offer this test to demonstrate the reliability of their results, next month, Controllab will conduct the pilot round of the Proficiency Testing for Research on Neutralizing Antibodies: Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2).

The program consists of multiple items, in which the evaluation will be made available in an individual results report with a concept and another report with a general profile of the performance of the reported kits. The profile contributes to assertive decisions about the systems adopted in the routine.

The pilot round will be sent with five items from different donors and was structured according to the guidelines of ISO/IEC 17043. More details on the benefits that the laboratory will obtain from participating in this Proficiency Testing, can be obtained on the service page.

Those interested in participating in the pilot round, which will be sent free of charge on February 8, can indicate their participation in this link until the end of January.

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PRM 0009

Accreditation Cgcre/Inmetro - Certified Reference Material Producer

Controllab has been accredited as a Certified Reference Material Producer (MRC) since 2016 by Inmetro’s General Coordination for Accreditation (CGCRE), under the PMR 0009 number. The assessment of this conformity is carried out according to the requirements established in ABNT NBR standards ISO 17034 and Inmetro, thus ensuring competence for the production of MRCs, according to the Scope of Accreditation.

CAL 0214

Accreditation Cgcre/Inmetro - Calibration Laboratory

In December 2002, the Calibration Laboratory was accredited by Inmetro’s General Coordination for Accreditation (CGCRE). With this recognition, it became an integral part of the Brazilian network of accredited laboratories, under nº214. Since then, it is periodically evaluated for the maintenance and/or extension of accreditation.

PEP 0003

Accreditation Cgcre/Inmetro - Control Laboratory

In September 2011, Controllab was accredited by Inmetro’s General Coordination for Accreditation (CGCRE) as a proficiency test provider, under nº PEP0003. Initially as part of a pilot project by Inmetro, this accreditation was based on ILAC G13: 2007 and included several clinical and hemotherapy tests. In the periodic evaluations of this accreditation, new segments and tests are included and the evaluation is now conducted according to ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17043.

This accreditation attests to Controllab’s technical competence to develop and conduct proficiency tests in accordance with international requirements and enables it to be recognized in other countries, in accordance with mutual recognition agreements signed by Brazil in Mercosur, the Americas and Europe.