Materiais de Referência Certificados (MRC)


Use Controllab's CRMs

They are reference materials accompanied by a certificate issued in accordance with ABNT NBR ISO 17034 that provide specific property values, with the associated uncertainties and traceability, using valid procedures.

Attentive to the needs of the laboratory public, Controllab provides Certified Reference Materials (CRM), an important tool in the quality control of analytical routines.

Controllab has been accredited since 2016 as a Certified Reference Material Producer by the General Accreditation Coordination (Cgcre/Inmetro), under number PMR 0009, according to the scope published at

Purposes and benefits of the CRMs

CRM is an excellent tool for team training and validation of new methodologies or equipment in the laboratory. In the case of equipment changes, the material is essential to compare the performance between the previous and current equipment. In fact, instrument manufacturers also use it to confirm the capacity and breadth of an instrument.

The certificate accompanying the CRM allows detailed knowledge of the material. This is because it meets different technical requirements to be defined. This thorough analysis makes the user aware of the material limitations in all situations: transport, storage, stock variation, value acquisition process, among others. All these steps quantify the variations and, finally, make it possible to declare the material uncertainty.

In practice, the Certified Reference Material assists the analytical procedure in obtaining the sample value (quantitative) / identity (qualitative), being able to provide more precision, accuracy and traceability to an analytical process, enabling more reliable measurements and identifications. Check out some of the benefits:

Performance Verification

Measurement Quality Control

Validation of Analytical Methods

Equipment Calibration and Verifications

Metrological Traceability

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CRMs help laboratories meet accreditation requirements

The use of Certified Reference Materials (CRM) adds precision, accuracy and traceability to an analytical process, enabling more reliable measurements.


Controllab offers complete solutions for quality and assertiveness of results. These solutions facilitate recognition for accreditation processes and regulatory bodies.

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