Certified Reference Materials

Materiais de Referência Certificados (MRC)


Use Controllab's CRMs

They are reference materials accompanied by a certificate issued in accordance with ABNT NBR ISO 17034 that provide specific property values, with the associated uncertainties and traceability, using valid procedures.

Attentive to the needs of the laboratory public, Controllab provides Certified Reference Materials (CRM), an important tool in the quality control of analytical routines.

Controllab has been accredited since 2016 as a Certified Reference Material Producer by the General Accreditation Coordination (Cgcre/Inmetro), under number PMR 0009, according to the scope published at  www.inmetro.gov.br.

Purposes and benefits of the CRMs

CRM is an excellent tool for team training and validation of new methodologies or equipment in the laboratory. In the case of equipment changes, the material is essential to compare the performance between the previous and current equipment. In fact, instrument manufacturers also use it to confirm the capacity and breadth of an instrument.

The certificate accompanying the CRM allows detailed knowledge of the material. This is because it meets different technical requirements to be defined. This thorough analysis makes the user aware of the material limitations in all situations: transport, storage, stock variation, value acquisition process, among others. All these steps quantify the variations and, finally, make it possible to declare the material uncertainty.

In practice, the Certified Reference Material assists the analytical procedure in obtaining the sample value (quantitative) / identity (qualitative), being able to provide more precision, accuracy and traceability to an analytical process, enabling more reliable measurements and identifications. Check out some of the benefits:

Performance Verification

Measurement Quality Control

Validation of Analytical Methods

Equipment Calibration and Verifications

Metrological Traceability

The following tables list the quantities and respective property values available:


Redox Potential
CRM Redox Potential 200 mV
CRM Redox Potential 229 mV
CRM Redox Potential 400 mV
CRM Redox Potential 476 mV
img tabela potencial redox 1
img tabela solucao condutividade 1
Electrolytic Conductivity Solution
CRM Electrolytic Conductivity Solution 1,50 µS/cm
CRM Electrolytic Conductivity Solution 5,00 µS/cm
CRM Electrolytic Conductivity Solution 25,00 µS/cm
CRM Electrolytic Conductivity Solution 50,00 µS/cm
CRM Electrolytic Conductivity Solution 100,0 µS/cm
CRM Electrolytic Conductivity Solution 500,0 µS/cm
CRM Electrolytic Conductivity Solution 1400 µS/cm
CRM Electrolytic Conductivity Solution 5000 µS/cm
CRM Electrolytic Conductivity Solution 12800 µS/cm
Electrochemical Multiparameter Solution
CRM Electrochemical Multiparameter Solution I (pH: 4,000 and Conductivity: 4500 µS/cm)
img tabela multiparametros eletroquimicos
img tabela solucao tampao 1
Buffer Solution for pH
CRM Buffer Solution for pH 1,680
CRM Buffer Solution for pH 4,005
CRM Buffer Solution for pH 6,865
CRM Buffer Solution for pH 9,180
CRM Buffer Solution for pH 10,012


Refractive Index
CRM Refractive Index at 20 °C: 1,3330 / Brix Grade at 20 °C: 0,0 g/100g
CRM Refractive Index at 20 °C: 1,3500 / Brix Grade at 20 °C: 12,0 g/100g
CRM Refractive Index at 20 °C: 1,3900 / Brix Grade at 20 °C: 35,0 g/100g
CRM Refractive Index at 20 °C: 1,4200 / Brix Grade at 20 °C: 49,0 g/100g
CRM Refractive Index at 20 °C: 1,4400 / Brix Grade at 20 °C: 60,0 g/100g
img tabela indice refracao 1
img tabela turbidez 1
CRM Turbidity 4000 NTU


CRM Qualitative Reference Cultures

MRC Acinetobacter baumannii NCTC® 12156 / ATCC® 19606
MRC Acinetobacter baumannii NCTC® 13304
MRC Aeromonas hidrophyla NCTC® 12902 / ATCC® 35654
MRC Alcaligenes faecalis NCTC® 12904 / ATCC® 35655
MRC Bacillus cereus NCTC® 10320 / ATCC® 11778 / ATCC® 19637/ ATCC® 9634 / WDCM 00001

img tabela MRC obsoleto

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Certified Reference Material (CRM): benefits for the analytical routine

Controllab is accredited by Cgcre of Inmetro and offers Certified Reference Material according to the internationally accepted criteria and established by the ABNT NBR ISO 17034 […]

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Solicite os Materiais de Referência Certificados e insira mais precisão ao processo analítico do seu laboratório.

PRM 0009

Acreditação Cgcre/Inmetro - Produtor de Material de Referência Certificado

A Controllab é acreditada como Produtor de Material de Referência Certificado (MRC) desde 2016 pela Coordenação Geral de Acreditação (CGCRE), do Inmetro, sob o n.º PMR 0009. A avaliação dessa conformidade é realizada conforme os requisitos estabelecidos nas normas ABNT NBR ISO 17034 e Inmetro, garantindo assim a competência para a produção dos MRC, conforme Escopo de Acreditação.

Esta acreditação atesta a competência técnica da Controllab em produzir MRC, conforme requisitos internacionais e a habilita para ser reconhecida em outros países, conforme acordos de reconhecimento mútuo, estreitando as barreiras técnicas entre o Brasil e os outros países dos Continentes.

MRC de Culturas de Referência Qualitativa

MRC Acinetobacter baumanniiSelo InmetroNCTC® 12156 ATCC® 19606
MRC Acinetobacter baumanniiCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 13304
MRC Aeromonas hydrophilaSelo InmetroNCTC® 12902ATCC® 35654
MRC Alcaligenes faecalisSelo InmetroNCTC® 12904ATCC® 35655
MRC Bacillus cereusSelo InmetroNCTC® 10320WDCM 00001ATCC® 11778 ATCC® 19637/ ATCC® 9634
MRC Bacillus subtilisSelo InmetroNCTC® 10400WDCM 00003ATCC® 6633
MRC Bacteroides fragilisCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 9343ATCC® 25285
MRC Burkholderia cepaciaSelo InmetroNCTC® 10743ATCC® 25416
MRC Campylobacter jejuniBrCASTSelo InmetroNCTC® 11351ATCC® 33560
MRC Campylobacter jejuniSelo InmetroNCTC® 13367WDCM 00005AATCC® 33291
MRC Clostridium perfringensBrCASTSelo InmetroNCTC® 8237WDCM 00007ATCC8 13124 / ATCC® 19408
MRC Clostridium perfringensSelo InmetroNCTC® 13170WDCM 00201
MRC Clostridium sporogenesSelo InmetroNCTC® 12935ATCC®11437
MRC Cronobacter sakazakiiSelo InmetroNCTC® 11467WDCM 00214
MRC Enterobacter cloacaeSelo InmetroNCTC® 10005WDCM 00083ATCC® 13047
MRC Enterococcus faecalisSelo InmetroNCTC® 775WDCM 00009ATCC® 19433
MRC Enterococcus faecalisBrCASTCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 12697WDCM 00087ATCC® 29212
MRC Enterococcus faecalisBrCASTCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 13379WDCM 00085 00152ATCC® 51299
MRC Enterococcus faecalisCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 13763WDCM 00210AATCC® 33186
MRC Enterococcus faeciumBrCASTSelo InmetroNCTC® 12202
MRC Escherichia coliBrCASTCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 11954ATCC® 35218
MRC Escherichia coliBrCASTCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 12241WDCM 00013ATCC® 25922
MRC Escherichia coliSelo InmetroNCTC® 12900WDCM 00014ATCC® 700728
MRC Escherichia coliSelo InmetroNCTC® 13216WDCM 00202
MRC Escherichia coliCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 13353
MRC Escherichia coliBrCASTSelo InmetroNCTC® 13476
MRC Escherichia coliSelo InmetroNCTC® 13846
MRC Escherichia collSelo InmetroNCTC® 12923WDCM 00012 / 00196ATCC® 8739
MRC Haemophilus influenzaeSelo InmetroNCTC® 8468
MRC Haemophilus influenzaeBrCASTCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 12699ATCC® 49247
MRC Haemophilus influenzaeBrCASTCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 12975ATCC® 49766
MRC Haemophilus influenzaeCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 13377ATCC® 10211
MRC Klebsiella aerogenesSelo InmetroNCTC® 10006WDCM 00175ATCC®-13048
MRC Klebsiella pneumoniaeSelo InmetroNCTC® 9633WDCM 00097ATCC® 13883
MRC Klebsiella pneumoniaeBrCASTCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 13368ATCC® 700603
MRC Klebsiella pneumoniaeBrCASTSelo InmetroNCTC® 13438
MRC Klebsiella pneumoniaeBrCASTSelo InmetroNCTC® 13440
MRC Klebsiella pneumoniaeBrCASTSelo InmetroNCTC® 13442
MRC Klebsiella pneumoniaeBrCASTSelo InmetroNCTC® 13443
MRC Klebsiella pneumoniaeSelo InmetroNCTC® 13809ATCC® BAA 1705
MRC Listeria innocuaSelo InmetroNCTC® 11288WDCM 00017ATCC® 33090
MRC Listeria monocytogenesSelo InmetroNCTC® 11994WDCM 00019
MRC Listeria monocytogenesSelo InmetroNCTC® 13372ATCC® 7644
MRC Neisseria gonorrhoeaeSelo InmetroNCTC® 8375ATCC® 19424
MRC Neisseria gonorrhoeaeSelo InmetroNCTC® 12700ATCC® 49226
MRC Pseudomonas aeruginosaSelo InmetroNCTC® 10662WDCM 00114ATCC® 25668
MRC Pseudomonas aeruginosaBrCASTCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 12903WDCM 00025ATCC® 27853
MRC Salmonella entericaSelo InmetroNCTC® 6017WDCM 00029ATCC® BAA-2162
MRC Salmonella entericaSelo InmetroNCTC® 12023WDCM 00031ATCC® 14028
MRC Staphylococcus aureusSelo InmetroNCTC® 6571WDCM 00035ATCC® 9144
MRC Staphylococcus aureusSelo InmetroNCTC® 7447WDCM 00033 / 00195ATCC® 6538
MRC Staphylococcus aureusSelo InmetroNCTC® 10788WDCM 00032ATCC® 6538
MRC Staphylococcus aureusBrCASTSelo InmetroNCTC® 12493WDCM 00212
MRC Staphylococcus aureusBrCASTCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 12973WDCM 00131ATCC® 29213
MRC Staphylococcus aureusCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 12981WDCM 00034ATCC® 25923
MRC Staphylococcus aureusCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 13373WDCM 00211ATCC® 43300
MRC Staphylococcus aureusBrCASTSelo InmetroNCTC® 13552
MRC Staphylococcus aureusCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 13811ATCC® BAA-977
MRC Staphylococcus aureusCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 13812ATCC® BAA 976
MRC Staphylococcus aureusCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 13813ATCC® BAA 1708
MRC Staphylococcus aureusSelo InmetroNCTC® 14033ATCC® BAA 1026
MRC Staphylococcus epidermidisSelo InmetroNCTC® 11047WDCM 00132ATCC® 14990
MRC Staphylococcus epidermidisSelo InmetroNCTC® 13360WDCM 00036ATCC® 12228
MRC Streptococcus agalactiaeSelo InmetroNCTC® 8181ATCC® 13813
MRC Streptococcus pneumoniaeBrCASTCLSISelo InmetroNCTC® 12977ATCC® 49619

Atende a recomendações do BrCAST

Atende a recomendação do CLSI

Nota 1: as Cepas NCTC licenciadas da PHE são equivalentes às cepas ATCC® referenciadas nesta tabela

PRM 0009

Accreditation Cgcre/Inmetro - Certified Reference Material Producer

Controllab has been accredited as a Certified Reference Material Producer (MRC) since 2016 by Inmetro’s General Coordination for Accreditation (CGCRE), under the PMR 0009 number. The assessment of this conformity is carried out according to the requirements established in ABNT NBR standards ISO 17034 and Inmetro, thus ensuring competence for the production of MRCs, according to the Scope of Accreditation.

This accreditation attests to Controllab’s technical competence in producing MRC, according to international requirements and enables it to be recognized in other countries, according to mutual recognition agreements, narrowing the technical barriers between Brazil and the other countries of the Continents.


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