Benchmarking Program and Laboratory Indicators (PBIL)

The Laboratory Indicator Benchmarking Program (PBIL) helps to reduce costs and promote increased efficiency and productivity

How does it help in the day-to-day of the laboratory?

PBIL is a solution for laboratory management that promotes information for more assertive decisions. The tool improves processes, enhances performance, identifies new opportunities and keeps the organization sustainable.

The information generated by the program encourages decision makers to gain a broader view of the results achieved for the process improvement and laboratory sustainability.

Developed in partnership between the SBPC/ML – Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine, Controllab partner since 1977.

Concrete evidence of market process performance

By participating in the PBIL, the laboratory identifies whether the efforts and strategies applied in the processes are competitive with their equals, based on hard evidence. This evidence helps to reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity.

This is because the program uses benchmarked indicators to measure and compare laboratory performance against market performance.


Data analyzed with impair and safety

The indicators contemplated in the PBIL are correlated in all areas, providing a global and systemic view of the process.

A multidisciplinary team (including statistics) reviews data reported in the program of Controllab, that acts as a third party company, imparting impartiality and confidentiality to reported data.

Controllab follows a code of ethical conduct & compliance integrated with national and international laws for general data protection. The program has a detailed manual and description for the reliability and standardization of information.

historico rastreamento

History and tracking for certifications and accreditations

Traceability in the PBIL system favors transparency for accreditations such as ISO 15189, CAP, PALC, DICQ and others, which require the demonstration of objective evidence that supports and assists the planning, monitoring and evaluation of process performance.

Assess whether your laboratory processes are performed competitively

In the Laboratory Indicator Benchmarking Program, the laboratory has a chance to compare with its equals and see if the actions taken over time are significant in relation to the market.

imagem pbil

Benchmarking program that collaborates with the improvement of the sector

Ao participar, o laboratório aperfeiçoa o monitoramento de indicadores e há maior efetividade na gestão, ampliando o nível de segurança para gestores, profissionais de saúde e pacientes.

By participating, the laboratory improves the monitoring of indicators and there is greater effectiveness in management, increasing the level of safety for managers, health professionals and patients.

SBPC/ML and Controllab, in partnership with the Laboratory Indicator Benchmarking Program, are collaborating entities in the QUALISS – Qualification Program of Health Service Providers of ANS – National Agency of Supplementary Health.

Broad and comprehensive
indicator scope

Internationally harmonized indicators aligned with IFCC

Goal Setting to Achieve
Determined Goals

Advisory Group of Experts involved in monitoring the program

Comparison between networks
(support or brands)

Integration with LIS providers to simplify data collection

Participant laboratory profiles

Some numbers prove the heterogeneity between laboratories, contributing to a robust benchmarking program.

70 %
these are laboratories that perform more than 50,000 exams/month
86 %
they attend the private health network
14 %
they attend the public health network
69 %
these are independent laboratories
31 %
these are laboratories based in hospital or blood bank




bg mapa pbil

Ally in times of crisis management

In times of crisis management, such as the one caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Laboratory Indicator Benchmarking Program (PBIL) becomes an ally to managers.

In order to maintain reliable processes, avoid impacts on the quality of the results and protect the reputation of the institutions, the data obtained in the PBIL were fundamental to guide the managers’ decision. Having the measurement and knowledge of the weaknesses and strengths of the laboratory, were determining factors for agile decisions, amid scenarios of uncertainty.


Program operation

Monthly, laboratories receive benchmarking from data reported or obtained directly from the Laboratory Information System (LIS).

Upon registration, the laboratory receives a password to access to the Online System on the Controllab website.

Quality and Sustainability for the Laboratory

Partinership with LIS companies

LIS developers integrate laboratory systems with PBIL to reduce data collection complexity and improve access to information, promoting faster process processes and reliability of real-time decision-making information.


it lets you focus on benchmarking results analysis




reduce data
collection failures


time in raw
data monitoring


Some developer companies, in addition to integrating LIS, promote the indicators in their systems to contribute to laboratory sustainability. These companies are PBIL partners.


"Vemos a integração do sistema do laboratório ao PBIL como uma grande possibilidade para que os menores laboratórios possam ter acesso facilitado a indicadores, já que eles têm mais dificuldade de investimento".

Paulo Alexandre Simões Diretor Operacional - Confidentia


"O maior benefício alcançado pela Karyon foi o de proporcionar aos nossos clientes uma análise comparativa de eficiência do laboratório nesse mercado cada vez mais competitivo".

Durval Belém Diretor Comercial - Karyon


"Sempre que podemos fornecer soluções que contribuem para o desenvolvimento do setor laboratorial, através da nossa especialidade, sabemos que estamos no caminho certo! Estamos felizes com os resultados, pois, além do grande benefício para o setor de Medicina Diagnóstica, contamos com o compromisso desses parceiros em todos os momentos!”.

Silvia Yano Gerente de Marketing - Matrix.


"O acesso a informação e o poder de facilitar a tomada de decisão bem embasada é o maior valor viabilizado pela nossa parceria".

Armando Buchina CEO - Pixeon



Controllab offers complete solutions for quality and assertiveness of results. These solutions facilitate recognition for accreditation processes and regulatory bodies.

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