Ensino a Distância (EAD)

Educating to promote quality

Since 1990, the Controllab Team and its advisors have been developing educational actions with the purpose of promoting the recycling of knowledge and the improvement of laboratory activities.

Originated by the scarcity of information for the laboratories, this work has been perpetuated thanks to the accumulated experience and the constant exchange of information with clients.

Some materials and tools are exclusive to Controllab customers, such as illustrated questionnaires, forms and instructions for quality control and equipment/materials.

Other materials are freely available to the laboratory community. They include articles, manuals/books, translations, illustrated quizzes (a selection) and course/lecture materials.

Digitized Cases

Users of the clinical and veterinary Proficiency Testing receive physical materials mixed with digitized material, which ensures more quality and autonomy to the programs in order to provide richer tests: with digitization, cases previously restricted by the scarcity of raw material or by the instability of the materials are now widely available.

This is because Controllab uses state-of-the-art technology. The benefits of this technology were extended to the academic universe, which now has real laboratory routine cases at its disposal. The cases can be consulted from an online navigation tool similar to microscopic analysis. The purpose is to expand access to professionals in training and enrich the content dealt with in the classroom.

Teachers who wish to have access to these cases must contact Controllab to register and select the areas of interest.

casos digitalizados

Lymphomas in Rio:
International Tutorial

Case 1: 77 years-old, male;
Case 2: 72 years-old, woman;
Case 3: male, 18 years-old, student;
Case 4: male, 43 years-old;
Case 5: 65 years-old, male;
Case 6: 6 years-old woman;
Case 7: 24 years-old, male;
Case 8: 24 years-old, female;
Case 9: 50 years-old, male;
Case 10: 44 years-old, female;

Case 11: 44 years-old, female;
Case 12: 59 years-old, male;
Case 13: 36 years-old, male;
Case 14: 74 years-old, female;
Case 15: 69 years-old, male;
Case 16: Gastric biopsy;
Case 17: 34 years-old;
Case 18: 10 years-old, female;
Case 19: 47 years-old, male;
Case 20: 4 years-old, male.


Books available to stimulate knowledge



bq 51 2

Edição 51
out/nov/dez 2015
ano XII

bq 50

Edição 50
jul/ago/set 2015
ano XII

bq 49

Edição 49
abr/mai/jun 2015
ano XII

bq 48

Edição 48
jan/fev/mar 2015
ano XII

bq 47

Edição 47
out/nov/dez 2014
ano XI

bq 46

Edição 46
jul/ago/set 2014
ano XI

doencas proliferativas cronicas
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Vídeos que auxiliam na educação

Oportunidade para troca de experiências e informações que a Controllab está proporcionando aos seus usuários desde 2010. A partir dela, os clientes novos têm maior sucesso na implementação dos serviços, os antigos têm a oportunidade de tirar dúvidas e fazer melhor uso destes. 

Diversos assuntos técnicos e de gestão relacionados aos processos laboratoriais são abordados.

O propósito dos encontros on-line, que acontecem através de uma ferramenta de ensino à distância, é maximizar benefícios e aprimorar serviços. 

Cada encontro tem duração de duas horas, sem qualquer custo para os participantes. A agenda está disponível no Sistema Online e os usuários podem selecionar aqueles dos quais desejam participar.

Assine nossa newsletter

Receba publicações relevantes sobre laboratório e soluções para 
gestão da qualidade.


Casos digitalizados disponíveis:

Casos Clínicos:

• Anatomia Patológica Geral
• Baciloscopia BAAR
• Bacterioscopia BAAR
• Bacterioscopia Gram
• Citologia Ginecológica
• Citologia Não Ginecológica Líquidos e Escovados
• Citologia Não Ginecológica Punção por Agulha Fina
• Coprologia Funcional I
• Dermatopatologia
• Esperma Contagem Celular e Vitalidade
• Esperma Morfologia
• Hanseníase
• Hematoscopia
• Hemoparasitologia
• Líquidos Cavitários Contagem Celular
• Líquor Contagem Celular
• Líquor Microscopia
• Micologia
• Mielograma
• Parasitologia
• Parasitologia II (Znm)
• Pesquisa de células LE
• Pesquisa de Corpúsculos de Heinz
• Pesquisa de Eosinófilos: fezes
• Pesquisa de Eosinófilos: muco nasal
• Pesquisa de Eosinófilos: urina
• Pesquisa de Hemoglobina H
• Pesquisa de Pneumocystis jirovecii: microscopia
• Reticulócitos Manual
• Urinálise Sedimento

Casos Veterinários:

• Anatomia Patológica Veterinária
• Bacterioscopia Gram
• Citologia
• Contagem de Células Somáticas (Microscopia)
• Hematoscopia/Hemoparasitologia (Canino)
• Hematoscopia/Hemoparasitologia (Equino)
• Hematoscopia/Hemoparasitologia (Felino)
• Micologia
• Parasitologia (Canino)
• Parasitologia (Equino)
• Parasitologia (Felino)
• Reticulócitos
• Sarna
• Urinálise Sedimentoscopia

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PRM 0009

Accreditation Cgcre/Inmetro - Certified Reference Material Producer

Controllab has been accredited as a Certified Reference Material Producer (MRC) since 2016 by Inmetro’s General Coordination for Accreditation (CGCRE), under the PMR 0009 number. The assessment of this conformity is carried out according to the requirements established in ABNT NBR standards ISO 17034 and Inmetro, thus ensuring competence for the production of MRCs, according to the Scope of Accreditation.

CAL 0214

Accreditation Cgcre/Inmetro - Calibration Laboratory

In December 2002, the Calibration Laboratory was accredited by Inmetro’s General Coordination for Accreditation (CGCRE). With this recognition, it became an integral part of the Brazilian network of accredited laboratories, under nº214. Since then, it is periodically evaluated for the maintenance and/or extension of accreditation.

Cgcre is signatory to the Mutual Recognition Arrangements of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and Interamerican Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC).

PEP 0003

Accreditation Cgcre/Inmetro - Control Laboratory

In September 2011, Controllab was accredited by Inmetro’s General Coordination for Accreditation (CGCRE) as a proficiency test provider, under nº PEP0003. Initially as part of a pilot project by Inmetro, this accreditation was based on ILAC G13: 2007 and included several clinical and hemotherapy tests. In the periodic evaluations of this accreditation, new segments and tests are included and the evaluation is now conducted according to ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17043.

This accreditation attests to Controllab’s technical competence to develop and conduct proficiency tests in accordance with international requirements and enables it to be recognized in other countries, in accordance with mutual recognition agreements signed by Brazil in Mercosur, the Americas and Europe.

Cgcre is signatory to the Mutual Recognition Arrangements of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and Interamerican Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC).