Controllab is accredited for the main Covid-19 methods

Agility, pioneering spirit and commitment to the laboratories made the provider achieve more recognition.

Controllab achieved yet another recognition: the accreditation of the Proficiency Test for Covid-19. With this, in addition to being the largest provider of Laboratory Quality Control in Brazil and Latin America, Controllab also becomes the only one in the world accredited for Covid-19 research by the methods of Molecular Biology, Immunology by Automation and Rapid Diagnostic Test (POCT) * for antibody and antigen research. The accreditation of Cgcre of Inmetro to the NBR ISO/IEC 17043 is the seal to the company’s advances in increasing the offer of accredited tests according to the standard. “All tests offered by Controllab follow the 17043 criteria and the accreditation is the recognition of these actions”, informs Fernanda Dias – service quality manager. According to the manager, applying regulatory guidelines in each implementation is part of the company’s DNA, which seeks the quality and reliability of its solutions to add value to the laboratories. This culture is practiced in the production of all materials produced by Controllab and services offered. Controllab’s agility and commitment to clinical laboratories were demonstrated once again in the beginning of the cases of the new Coronavirus in the country when the 1st Proficiency Test (EP) carried out in Brazil for SARS-CoV2 in partnership with the Society was launched Brazilian Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine (SBPC / ML). As a result, a report was released, evaluated by a group of experts with the analysis of the behavior obtained in the interlaboratory comparison. The content provided information that helped both diagnostic kit manufacturers and laboratories in this challenging period. Controllab has been continuously investing in expanding the available tests and is attentive to the diagnostic evolution for Covid-19. This month expanded the offer of quality control for the disease with the saliva matrix. The company’s 43-year history is based on a commitment to offering solutions for the quality and assertiveness of laboratory results. There are more than 3,500 tests offered for different segments: clinical, blood bank, veterinary, microbiology and physical-chemical tests for medicines, food, sanitizing agents, water and effluents, fuels and others. The services provided facilitate the routine for the laboratory accreditation processes and regulatory bodies, as can be seen in a recent recognition of Control Strains in Certified Reference Materials (MRC). Detailed information about the programs and the solutions provided by Controllab are available on the website. More information can also be obtained by e-mail or by telephones and WhatsApp (21) 97901-0310 e (21) 98036-1592. *According to the EPTIS website.

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PRM 0009

Accreditation Cgcre/Inmetro - Certified Reference Material Producer

Controllab has been accredited as a Certified Reference Material Producer (MRC) since 2016 by Inmetro’s General Coordination for Accreditation (CGCRE), under the PMR 0009 number. The assessment of this conformity is carried out according to the requirements established in ABNT NBR standards ISO 17034 and Inmetro, thus ensuring competence for the production of MRCs, according to the Scope of Accreditation.
Cgcre is signatory to the Mutual Recognition Arrangements of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and Interamerican Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC).

CAL 0214

Accreditation Cgcre/Inmetro - Calibration Laboratory

In December 2002, the Calibration Laboratory was accredited by Inmetro’s General Coordination for Accreditation (CGCRE). With this recognition, it became an integral part of the Brazilian network of accredited laboratories, under nº214. Since then, it is periodically evaluated for the maintenance and/or extension of accreditation.

Cgcre is signatory to the Mutual Recognition Arrangements of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and Interamerican Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC).

PEP 0003

Accreditation Cgcre/Inmetro - Proficiency Test Provider

In September 2011, Controllab was accredited by Inmetro’s General Coordination for Accreditation (CGCRE) as a proficiency test provider, under nº PEP0003. Initially as part of a pilot project by Inmetro, this accreditation was based on ILAC G13: 2007 and included several clinical and hemotherapy tests. In the periodic evaluations of this accreditation, new segments and tests are included and the evaluation is now conducted according to ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17043.

This accreditation attests to Controllab’s technical competence to develop and conduct proficiency tests in accordance with international requirements and enables it to be recognized in other countries, in accordance with mutual recognition agreements signed by Brazil in Mercosur, the Americas and Europe.

Cgcre is signatory to the Mutual Recognition Arrangements of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and Interamerican Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC).